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Naturally Grown Hard-Neck Garlic, Garlic Salts, Music Garlic, Music Seed Garlic - Stroudsburg, PA


Life is Garlic

Yes we are very passionate about growing great garlic and making value added garlic products.

It seems only yesterday that we were planting our first bulbs and hoping we’d get something the following spring.  Time seems to slip away from all of us at times, as now we’ve being growing garlic for over 20 years.  We started in the late ‘90s with just a few bulbs from our local farmer’s market, planted a few and lo and behold, we had beginners luck. There is nothing quite like growing and eating your own garlic. One bulb became six, six bulbs became forty and so on…. after sharing with family and friends before you know it in the early ought’s (00’s), we were growing several hundred.  Now what? Plant some more and start selling in earnest. A side-hustle for sure with the goal of putting aside some money for that anemic college fund but as time went on it was more than just growing garlic.


Growing garlic became a large part of living a healthier life style, building soil, staying fit and active.  Yes we’ve all heard that garlic is good for you, it reduces your blood pressure and lowers your cholesterol. It’s well documented and studied.  A thousand years of human consumption.  With a history that long, there must be something to it. We’re not going to digress to far into all the benefits of garlic but it has been our gateway, and is a main staple, in our healthier diet.  Garlic is Life; Life is Garlic but the life and health benefits come from the soil from which it is grown.  So yes we are passionate about garlic and growing in general however we are even more passionate about the health of our soil.

Knob View Farm is located in Cherry Valley, Pennsylvania and within the Cherry Valley National Wild Life Refuge. This recent designation as a wildlife refuge recognizes in part upon the unique geology of our valley shaped and altered by the Wisconsin glacier, which began its long recession some 10,000 years ago. This massive ice sheet terminated on the southern ridge of Cherry Valley at the Kittatinny Mountain and left large deposits of rock and unique mineral sediments within the soils of the valley floor.  Signs of these glaciations are apparent to this day within the valley. But what does this have to do with garlic? Well garlic, like all alliums, absorbs nutrients and flavors from the soil in which it is grown. The mineral rich glacial soils of Cherry Valley make themselves available not only to enhance the taste of our garlic but they also impart a higher degree of mineral nutrients in all our produce. Mineral rich soil helps maintain ones health.     


Our customers consistently confirm the distinctive flavor of our garlic when sampling at garlic festivals, even when sampling the same variety of garlic from another grower.  They’ll say your Music is better than. … or your German tastes much better than…. or wow! That’s great garlic! While it may seem like were boasting here, we’re just stating our experiences. Soil is Life from which we all derive life and is an extremely important factor not only upon the taste of garlic but also in its nutrient content and garlic pound for pound is densely nutritious as compared to other foods.

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