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Life is Garlic

Knob View Farm is an 11-acre family operated farm. We are located just south of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in scenic Cherry Valley.  Our valley's soils are limestone based and is the site of the terminal moraine from the Wisconsinan Glacier approximately 10,000 years ago. With the melting of this ice sheet, unique minerals have been deposited deep within our soil. These minerals impart unique flavorings, especially within our garlic, as confirmed year after year, taste test after taste test, by our customers. We gladly allow sampling of any of our garlics or our gourmet garlic sea salt blends, so you can be the judge and decide.  So please taste, taste, taste, before you purchase!


Our Garlic Sea Salts

Simply Made in Small Batches...our Garlic Sea Salt varieties use the freshest and most unique ingredients available to us... from our farm to your table...

Our Products

Straight from the Farm

Naturally Grown Hard-Neck Garlic

We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome and fresh Hard-neck Garlic. We currently have two porcelain varieties, Music and German White. Both have large cloves and wonderful, distinct garlic flavor. Currently we are only retailing our garlic at regional garlic festivals please visit our upcoming events page.


Garlic Sea Salts

For the discerning Chef and your inner Foodie, we make huge efforts so that we can guarantee that everything we sell at Knob View Farm is 100% natural and as fresh as possible. Sometimes this will mean we are out of stock of some items given the seasonality of most of our ingredients. If you love garlic, you'll need to try our Garlic Sea Salts, there simply are none better!

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Our Farming Values

Everything we grow at Knob View Farm is grown with care. Composting, use of green manures and continually building soil provides our produce the beneficial nutrients and minerals for healthier plants and healthier living. We are small-scale with organic methods in our hearts and minds. Our veggies look better, smell better and taste better. We are admires of Eliot Coleman, Charles Dowding and Jean-Martin Fortier, we seek their inspiration towards continuous improvement of our farming methods.


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